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Join a Lifeguard Course: Learn Essential Skills with the ALA

Those looking to take that first step into the exciting career of lifeguarding need look no further than the training programs offered through the American Lifeguard Association. As the nation’s leading lifeguard certifying body, the ALA is proud to help participants gain the critical knowledge and abilities that will save lives.

Here are just a few reasons why becoming ALA-certified is the ideal choice:

Expert Instruction

ALA lifeguard course are taught exclusively by elite Instructor Members who average over 15 years experience in aquatic safety. You’ll gain practical skills from the best in the business.

Wide Access

Training locations are available in nearly every state, making certification convenient whether you live near beaches, lakes, or in big cities with community pools.

Comprehensive Curricula

Beyond water rescues, students are versed in surveillance techniques, first aid protocols, AED/CPR, accident prevention strategies and much more through detailed lectures and in-water practice.

Interactive Formats

To better prepare for real scenarios, the ALA employs stimulating discussion-based teaching along with fun, hands-on activities like simulations that help commit learning to long-term memory.

Affordable Pricing

At around $250 per basic course, it’s an investment that pays off with a rewarding career path – and members save even more through exclusive discounts.

Job Placement Support

The Association connects graduates to local facilities with current openings, helping launch your new lifeguarding near me career.

Continuing Education

Even after certification, the ALA provides refresher courses, online trainings and seminars to keep your skills in top form throughout your career.

So whether you’re starting your first summer job as a high schooled or looking to transition to a new full-time career path, trust the ALA to prepare you with everything required to succeed as a life-saving professional. Sign up for your next available class today!

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